CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Services



Contract Management Services

Chief Financial Officers, more commonly referred to as a CFOs, have one of the most important jobs at any company. They are responsible for managing financial risk and all other aspects of financial planning to aid in the profitability, growth, and overall success of a business. With significant knowledge and resources at their fingertips, experienced CFOs provide financial visibility, so that other executives can make informed and insightful business decisions. Due to their indisputable value, however, hiring a full-time CFO can be extremely expensive, and they are constantly on the hunt for the next gig.

Fortunately, our outsourced CFO services make it possible to benefit from the knowledge and experience of a seasoned CFO for a fraction of the time and cost.


A CFO’s efforts are primarily set on creating a future-focused business strategy that sets the company on a path for financial success. While you focus on running day-to-day business, our experts will ensure your long-term financial goals are managed through the following services and more:

  • Detailed Financial Planning & Analysis
  • Detailed Financial Reporting
  • Detailed Investment and Capital Allocation Strategies
  • Liaison to stakeholders including bankers, investors, lawyers, etc.


Of course, the operations side of a business is under the control of the CFO because, ultimately, the CFO is managing the company’s finances. However, the modern CFO should also be concerned with daily operational function, as the work being done affects the bottom line. With our Chief Financial Officer services, we will have a hand in:

  • Internal Controls Design/Implementation
  • Contracts Management
  • Human Resource Administration
  • Benefits Management
  • IT Sourcing

Compliance Solutions

A thorough compliance and risk management structure can give an organization a strategic advantage over the competition. When you view compliance as more of a priority and less as a chore, you’re stepping out of your own way and allowing your business to operate better, especially compared to those who are not prioritizing compliance efforts. CM Solutions can help with:

  • Federal, State, and Local Compliance
  • Insurance/Risk Management

If you’re concerned about a particular aspect of your company’s financial well-being, CM Solutions will be there to offer up surefire solutions. Contact us at today to discover more about how our CFO services can be utilized in place of hiring a full-time Chief Financial Officers.